Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pop Pop's Birthday Poem

This is a poem written by Addie's "Pop Pop" (aka my dad)...

Through your bright & glistening eyes,
   Caterpillars always turn into butterflies,
       Floor tiles form secret passageways,
            Flowers are to be picked & treasured always
                 Pretty, pretty...

Through your cautious listening ears,
    Loud noises can suddenly bring the tears,
         And every sound must be explained,
              We might have missed it unless we strained,
                   Kitty, kitty...

Through your ever moving hands,
    Play dough transforms into pizza strands,
         Rocks must be thrown and must not stay,
              Upon the ground no not today,

Through your constantly moving feet,
     Cowering at times from new people to meet,
            Or running to find a puddle or a bug,
                  Or to Hello Kitty to get a soft pillowy hug,

Through your tiny voice oh so sweet,
     Or like  a booming intercom oh how neat,
          You can stop a toddler right in his tracks,
                Or bring us back....just to the facts,

Through your mind so constantly new,
    Nothing escapes your ever present view,
           You're like a sponge absorbing it all,
                 While keeping perfect balance on top of a wall,
                       Look at meeeee....

Through your years now almost four,
     As if God's creation you were to underscore,
           You teach us daily what we otherwise might miss,
                Stopping to notice, is that a plane?
                      Making trails in the sky?

Through your smiling face we see,
      A childlike trust that Jesus will be,
          Your protector from every earthly foe,
                So big and strong you'll someday grow,
                       Just like a beautiful butterfly!

Written by: Steve Hill "Pop Pop" - 2011


Amy said...

So beautiful, I see where you and Les got your talent for writing! (although I haven't seen any of your mom's writing so she may have contributed as well :)) Addie (and Caleb and AJ) are so lucky to have such amazing grandparents! Your parents absolutely did it right :)

Paula Gales said...

That was so sweet. I can't wait to have Pop Pop visit our classroom this fall.